Sleep vs Homework: the Endless Debate

A lot has already been said about homework. I know that you have already read so many articles covering this topic. No matter how this makes you feel now, I trust that you love your sleep more.

Well, it isn’t exactly your fault because our brains are made in such a way that we always go for the most comfortable tasks. In this case, it would be much easier for you to overrule sleep over homework even without thinking about it.

I know I might have caught your pants down with the earlier remark. So, I promise to ruthlessly delve into details to help inform a sober judgment this time. Keep reading to find out more.

The homework recap

Since its inception in early 1905 by one Roberto Nevilis, homework has become one of the most trending topics of all time. Despite the concept’s main aim to enhance learning among students, it has now become a tool for bettering grades.

However, defeating the fact that these assignments are aligned with your course, educators sometimes happen to set unrealistic timelines for submission. This way, students are pressured and therefore start hating homework for no good reason.

Occasionally, the homework process is largely beneficial. Therefore, it is critical that it is taken seriously to be effective.

Here are some of the outstanding advantages that homework has:

  • Reinforces learning in school
  • Helps boost retention of knowledge through regular practice
  • Enhances the development of other critical life skills such as time management
  • Helps nurture responsible and self-driven citizens
  • Helps students grow their problem solving abilities through general application

What does sleep come in?

Sleep. We all love to sleep, don’t we? It is one of the most effective yet natural ways to reboot and rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Forget the energy boosters and anti-sleeping pills to keep your mind motivated and awake.

For optimum performance, our bodies need lots of energy as well as mental sharpness. Just like any other muscle in the human body, the mind too wears out and becomes exhausted. When this happens, literally nothing can be done. No wonder we often start to doze off.

Well, when working on your homework, you will need a similar amount of energy to keep you going. That is why we all need enough shuteye to finish the homework and also stay sharp in class the following day.

Reason enough for educators to keep homework quantities to a bare minimum. In case you are having trouble finding a balance between your homework and sleeping habits, try asking for help from someone you trust. To be smart enough, try learning the homework routine and sleep patterns of other high-performing students in your class. But this should only be used to inform your own routine.

In conclusion, both sleep and homework have their own benefits and disadvantages. The benefits are seemingly more but we can’t also overlook the negative effects that each could cause to students’ health. For this reason, we suggest that teachers, parents, and students should collectively work together in establishing a comprehensive plan that will help finish homework early leaving time for enough sleep.

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